The Daily Dividend

The Daily Dividend

Hi, I’m Austin, the owner and operator of The Daily Dividend. I first started the twitter account @dividends_daily to document my journey to financial freedom and connect with other individuals who shared the same goals. I’ve learned and grown alot over that time, and I hope to share some of that information with you! I truly believe that your network equals your networth and I’m here to connect with as many people as I can, my DM’s are always open! After all, we’re all after the one thing that money can’t buy our time.

My Background

I’m currently 25 and a Food Safety Microbiology Lab Supervisor by day, but investor at heart. I’ve been in the market ever since I turned 18. I’ve experimented in options, crypto, stocks, etc. but I’ve found my home in dividend paying stocks. It brings me joy knowing every dividend received is one step closer to buying back my time. I also gained some exposure to real estate when I purchased my first home at the age of 21 and my second home at the age of 24.

Send Your Career to the Moon with my New Ebook

Throughout my career I have found success in any role that I took and quickly advanced from the bottom to the top. My first position I ever held, I went from an Intern to a lab lead responsible for positions over two facilities. The next position I took I went from an entry level microbiologist position to the Lab Supervisor in under 2 years, and nearly tripled my salary along the way.

You can read my full story and learn how I did it, and how you can too in my new ebook “Send Your Career To The Moon”.

Title subject to change.

Expected Release: May 2022

Quick Portfolio Stats

This MonthThis Year
Payments: 8
Income: $59.54
Payments: 22
Income: $184.99

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