The Daily Dividend

The Daily Dividend

The Daily Dividend was started to document my journey to financial freedom. However, through doing that I’ve stumbled into a community of like-minded individuals. The Daily Dividend is now a way for me to learn from the community, and get new perspectives. In return, I share my ideas and support the community as well. At the end of the day, we’re all after the one thing that money can’t buy. Our time.

A Little About Me

I’m currently 24 and a microbiologist by day, but investor at heart. I’ve been in the market ever since I turned 18. However, I just started taking it seriously last year. I’ve experimented in options, crypto, stocks, etc. but I’ve found my home in dividend paying stocks. It brings me joy knowing every dividend received is one step closer to buying back my time. I also gained some exposure to real estate when I purchased my first home at the age of 21. It’s currently serving as my primary residence but there are plans to transition it to a rental within the next year or two.

Quick Portfolio Stats

This MonthThis Year
Payments: 9
Income: $90.51
Payments: 79
Income: $439.14

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